cyclopiandonny: a site by and about 2s2d

a site for my journal that looks cool.

please check out Katlikesnero. they pointed me to neocities.

design plan:

i am working with and designing for desktop. i'm sort of slapping things together, and currently, it's not gonna look great for mobile users. next several updates will get the display and design down before i work on much else. thank you for your patience, and thank you for 230 visits! below is the planned design for the home page, and will probably reflect how other pages will look.

what is your journal?

it is simply a documentation of everything i do and have interest in. as i update the website, i include new and update current pages for each subject i'm interested in. currently, here is the list (need to do the other pages.)

^^^ this needs to be placed to the bottom or SOMETHING